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Monday Morning Blues

I don't know if it was the fact that it was still dark outside when I woke up, but I was so unmotivated to go to work today. I didn't get out of bed right away when my alarm went off and really wasn't even in the mood to get ready for work. Somehow though, I still managed to get here before 7:30, even though school doesn't start until after 8. I think it's just the case of the Monday Morning Blues...that and the fact that I'm not used to this time change. I just want to go back to bed and sleep for a couple more hours. It didn't help that Chris and I stayed at Marco Polo Saturday until just before the time changed at 2am...you know how long it's been since I actually stayed up that late willingly?! It was actually 3 (after the time change) when we finally went to bed...then were rudely woken up by Chris' neighbors below who decided it was a good time to argue really loud..and man does that girl have a mouth on her...not only loud but it really needs to be washed out with soap!! Anyway, that's a different story!
One thing's for sure..i'm not staying after this week every day like I did last week. As soon as 3:00 hits, I am going home!!
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