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Dragon's Layer

"Only those who dare the impossible can soar upon the wings of dragons."

14 May 1980
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Not much to tell, drama queen, dreamer, princess, graduated from CCSU in 2004, currently a head teacher for the before and after school program at the New Britain YWCA. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Chris who I love very much!!! MUAH!! I'm very shy at first until you get to know me. My heart tends to get me into trouble and I always put others first before me, which may not be the best thing for me to do b/c I tend to forget about myself. I'm very sensitive and sometimes take things too much to heart. I am very thankful for my friends and family, and I want to thank them for being there for me through all the bad times and good times. I love you all very much and I don't know what I'd do without you.
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